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Eudyptes B.V. has created an industry first by developing a product that facilitates cooperation between Principals, Suppliers and Contractors. We call it InProcesRegieConcept, in short InPRC™.

InPRC™ combines fool-proof technology with intuitive and powerful software to create a platform for cooperation in Facility Management.


This cooperation platform was created out of a belief in a more efficient solution for Facility Management. Current solutions are far from optimal and include unnecessary complex interactions, suboptimal for all parties involved. InPRC™ was designed to be better, while being more accessible and usable at the same time. Facility Management is a beautiful line of work, InPRC™ was designed with this in mind!



Getting things done

With InPRC™ we hope to provide Facility Management with a practical application to get more control over the ever growing contracting, and to help sustain this degree of control.

InPRC™ creates a win-win-win situation for all parties involved

Hans Westerveld

To us, working in this manner is just like the sum of things: absolutely more than the partial gains

Finx Accountants


InPRC™ isn't exclusively connected to a Principal (Facility Management) or Supplier. This means that InPRC™ can be used on equal terms by all parties involved. This includes the Contractors! Meaning up to date information for Principals, Suppliers and Contractors at all times!

Ease of use

InPRC™ uses tried and true technology, making initial purchase costs, implementation and maintenance costs low. On the frontend InPRC™ is a simple to use tool in your daily Facility Management processes. The underlying algorithms and unique source-code make InPRC™ a powerful application which is easy to navigate and intuitive in use.


While developing InPRC™ we had a simple philosophy: use and necessity of functionality. The art of leaving things out is a core value of InPRC™. Logical and intuitive ways of doing business are natural elements which are typical for usage of InPRC™.