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gfs (gross floor surface)
Costs of implementation 1st yr m² gfs€ 4,-
Cleaning costs m² gfs
ROI 15% m² gfs
Net. cost 1st year
Proceeds of InPRC™ for your organisation:
Yearly costs InPRC™ m² bvo:
Yearly cost reduction
Net. yearly cost reduction
ROI: Investment/yearly gains:

Please enter your m² of gross floor surface (ex. 15.000 m²). The enter the cleaning costs per m² (ex. €16). The calculator will show the amount of time it will take to gain back your investment. For floor surfaces under a 1000m² this calculation is not accurate, please contact us to get more information.

Default package

  • Development of application
  • Implementation
  • Project leading
  • Licences
  • Training

Plus package

  • Everything from the default package
  • Administration
  • Updates to room management
  • Custom fit

In practice

Wherein lie the gains of InPRC™?
The only basis for getting work done are real work and factual observations. There are no complicated working programmes or calculated cleaning actions which cannot become a reality and push the contractor in an uncomfortable position. InPRC™ relies on cooperation which is based on exchange of knowledge and experience.
In reality this results into a reduction of costs by eliminating unnecessary work on one end and increased profitability of contractors, by managing work-processes and work on a true-to-life basis.

These calculations are based on certain assumptions and provide a basic insight into the Return On Investment (ROI) of InPRC™. If you would like to get information for your specific case, then please contact Eudyptes B.V. We will gladly provide you personal advice for your specific case.