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knowing more, connects all

Optimal client and user satisfaction at acceptable costs by engaging Data-Driven Facility Process Management.

Facility Managers face great challenges: efficient management of the facilities, contract management, strict control of costs and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction, all in a playing field with growing complexity.

All Facility Managers wish to be able to simply maintain control on all facility processes and to keep an extra focus on solely the most important facility procedures. The technology of InPRC™ helps Facility Managers to make that wish come true.


Some of the greatest challenges of today’s Facility Managers is to run the facility process, to keep in control of costs and also to ensure a higher client satisfaction. On top of that, they should respond to the field’s developments, ensure that contracts meet their clients’ needs, comply with legislation and contribute to sustainability as well. Not an easy task in times where circumstances continuously change.

This requires a lot from the Facility Manager who needs to operate in a force field that has become complex and where efficacy, efficiency and client satisfaction constantly alter. The Facility Manager is a versatile leader who should on the one hand have knowledge on purchase, technique, engineering, automation and legislation. On the other hand, this leader is a people’s manager who provides an ideal work environment for his clients, colleagues and employers.


InPRC™ is not exclusively linked to one Client (Facility Management) or Service Provider (Contractor). Meaning that InPRC™ is an equivalent instrument for all parties involved, including the performer of the service! This way, the Client, the Contractor and the Service Performer are always well-informed about the same data, at the same time!

Controlling the Facility Process

InPRC™ is specifically developed with Facility Management in mind to provide the Facility Manager with an instrument to direct and keep control of the facility process.


InPRC™ specialises in developing smart data-driven flexible solutions for better process management, by equipping facilities with an integrated data and technology system.


The implementation of InPRC™ is accessible and contains unique data sources that give insight in the use of the facilities and measure client satisfaction.


InPRC™ is future-proof and it allows you to make decisions based on real data, to keep control of the facility processes, to decrease costs and to enhance client satisfaction.

InPRC™ provides the Facility Manager with an instrument that allows him/her to rely on real time data to control the use of the facilities and to manage the processes.

At its core

1. Cost Management through actual measurements of the execution of purchased activities/processes and comparing these results with the costs of purchasing these activities/processes.
2. Measuring client satisfaction and the ability to act upon it.
3. Flexibility in controlling, as it enables you to respond rapidly to process deviations and to scaling up or down when user numbers increase or decline.
4. Managing contracts based on actual facts.
5. Learning abilities based on hard data.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

– Steve Jobs

“Life comes with many challenges.
The ones that should not scare us
are the ones we can take control of.”

– Angelina Jolie

Your benefits

InPRC™ puts into practice: cost control, client satisfaction, flexibility and the possibility to optimise processes in an integrated data management system. Simple, clear, transparent and fact-based.

InPRC™ is an ideal controlling mechanism for washrooms and for all other areas where you register visitor or employee numbers, like in public, office or production spaces. InPRC™ provides insight at any time in the use of all these areas, allowing you to efficiently guide your contracted parties. Such as paying for achieved performances rather than paying a fixed amount per cleaned square metre. We are happy to calculate the savings you can realise with InPRC™ and to show you how simple the system works.

More information or a demo?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. We would very much like to sit down together to show you what value InPRC™ can add to your organisation when it comes to saving costs and client satisfaction. Based on your specific situation and requirements we would like to illustrate to you how you can easily master your facility processes using the newest technology.