A technology company with innovative facility management solutions. That’s INPRC. We know facility partners work better and happier if they have full control over their business. That is why we give facility managers the necessary insight and advice on improvements. Based on independent, transparent data (from customer feedback sensors) and smart software.


Together with the parties involved, we make facility management easier, by renewing the “plan-do-act-check” principle again and again.

Find out how we innovate facility management. On LinkedIn we share weekly news about our total solution and what benefits it offers to our clients, their partners, and those who care about it: the customers.

Our story

The idea behind INPRC was inspired by a confiture-producing factory. In factories, it is useful to monitor, with hardware and software, whether the process is running smoothly. This gives insight on problems and enables managers to act on them immediately.

INPRC’s founder, Victor van der Wal, built his career in facility management. Victor had the fervent desired to apply the insight and idea from factory production to facility management. Victor wanted to give customer-oriented service providers to gain control over the ratio between results and costs.

Our values

The origins of INPRC come from facility management. Here comes the drive to develop solutions for this sector; solutions that help service providers to work smarter, more efficiently, and become more sustainable. By preventing waste: in time and resources. We also know how many balls facility managers have to keep in the air. Technology allows them to let go of a few.
Service providers have one measure of success: the customer. It is up to us to influence people’s behaviour together. So that facility management contributes to increasing the number and satisfaction of customers. We go for a group-oriented approach. Because the success of technology depends on its application. Service provider employees and facility employees are a crucial part of our total solution.
Every day we think about how we can make technology even better. So that it becomes easier for people to work with it. The more accessible our solutions are, the better the insights and advice will be for the service provider. Our technology is tailor-made. We combine it with the existing technology and data from service providers. It’s about the value we can deliver together.

The team

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